How soon can the service be installed?

Because our installers live in the community where you live, we are able to install the service quickly. Most installations happen within 2 business days. We also accommodate emergency or rush requests and provide evening, weekend and weekday appointments at your preferred time.

What information do I need to give you?

In order to give you the best service we collect any pertinent information that might be required during an emergency. We keep on file medical history, conditions, medication, allergies and important contact people. Your privacy is of the utmost of importance to us. We only share information when necessary to ensure client privacy.

What does the Northwood Intouch basic service include?

All other sensors can be added to this basic service.

What if I press the button by mistake?

Don’t worry, our operators will answer the call, ask if you’re okay and reset the system. We are always relieved to hear that you’re okay. There is never a charge for any call through to the operator; whether accidental or emergency

Purchase vs Rent

Most equipment is rent only. There is a purchase option for the stove sensor and the medication dispenser. Call us to find find out which option may be best for your needs.

The real benefit to having this service is that it is monitored. By renting the equipment, monitoring comes with the service, you may make changes at any time if your situation requires it. If your needs change, you can add or remove products or services as required.

Will my service work if the power goes out?

Yes. All of our equipment has back up battery power. A working telephone line is all that is required.

What else should I know?

We are a group of caring individuals who want to help you. We are here to listen, provide support and offer solutions to your situation. This may be through our organization or through services offered through our community partners.