Respite with peace of mind

Whether you need to know that someone is safe in bed while you take a shower or run to the store, or you just need reassurance that they are as safe as they are independent, we’re there for you. We understand the joys as well as the stresses of caregiving. It’s what we’ve been doing for years.


With one simple push of a button, Northwood Intouch provides early intervention in case of an emergency. One push activates the system to call the local Northwood Intouch emergency response centre and dispatch the help needed right away.

We help with everything from automatic fall detection to managing medications, wandering, dementia, security and stove safety.

Help for you too

An emergency could arise at any time. If it should happen while you’re there, the help button is for you to use too. Instead of leaving your care recipient’s side in a crisis to make a call, simply press their help button and talk to the Northwood Intouch operator via the two-way speaker and help will be sent immediately.

Two-way Communication

Detailed care plans contain important medical information. If a subscriber is deaf or unable to speak, we can make a special note on the care plan so as not to expect a response and to send help right away. Northwood Intouch staff can also relay any critical medical information to paramedics as they are enroute saving valuable seconds along the way.

Help to take medications properly with the reminder feature

If you can’t be there all of the time to give reminders for medications, the Northwood Intouch reminder feature can help. Up to six 30-second personalized messages can be programmed into the Northwood Intouch equipment. Messages can be set to play at specific times daily or weekly depending on the type of reminder. Because messages are programmed using the phone, remote caregivers can record these messages too.

(Free of charge and standard on all Northwood Intouch equipment.)