Why Us?

This is a big decision. You want more than a technological solution.

At Northwood Intouch we bring caring and understanding. This is important because you want more than security, safety and independence. You also want to be treated with respect, honesty and trust – always. We do this by talking and listening to you: in your first few minutes you will know we care.


The latest technology can enable security, safety and independence. Caring and understanding provide peace of mind.

At Northwood Intouch you get more than the latest technology; you get caring and understanding every time you want to be in touch, always.

What we bring

BBB logoAll companies offer 24 hour response, but we’re not all created equal. Northwood Intouch is the largest personal alarm provider in Nova Scotia with over 3,000 clients and 28 years of experience.

How are we different?

If you’re shopping around, use our checklist to see how we compare with other medical alarm companies:

Northwood Intouch Other
Non-profit Yes
Locally owned and operated Yes
Basic cost (no tax) $43/month
Contract required No
Automatic fall detection built right into the help button Yes
Option to add on or change sensors at any time as needs change Yes
Monitored medication dispenser Yes
Local response centres in the Maritimes Yes
Years of experience 28
Volunteer installers throughout the province for quick installations and service Yes
Part of an organization that specializes in services for seniors Yes. Northwood has been serving seniors for over 50 years.

Who we are

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