Safety and Security


Whether you’re a single person living alone, a married couple in your own home, living with family or with others, we are here to help you take charge of your life and independence. Our sensors are designed to assist clients in retaining their independence and provide support to caregivers.

When a sensor is activated, you’ll be instantly connected to trained operators in our 24-hour response center. The call may also be routed to telephone numbers of your choice. It’s simple and reliable. Additional products can be added or changed as needed: there are no contracts or minimum time commitments.

Who should have it?

Northwood Intouch is recommended for people who are:


At the heart of our service

Base Unit

The Base Unit is the bridge between you and your caregivers. Activate the Base Unit by pressing your help button or set up a series of sensors that will simply work automatically. Some sensors can contact caregivers directly, via a call or text message to their cell phone or home phone. All sensors can contact our response centre, allowing you to ask for help when you need it or continue on with your day.

How it works


The unit connects to a regular telephone jack and enables the call from your help button or sensor to go through a home phone line or cellular network to our Emergency Response Centre. It has a two-way speaker to allow for hands-free communication between the subscriber and responder, and also acts as a speakerphone for your regular phone calls.

User Guide

Your Personal Pendant

These small personal pendants can be worn around the neck, clipped to clothing, or around the wrist. They are water-resistant so they can be worn in the shower.

AMIEE Pendant

This small personal trigger can be worn around the neck, clipped to clothing or around the wrist. AMIEE is 100% water proof and has an activation light.

Fall Alert Pendant

Read more about this new option – an intelligent fall alert pendant that provides constant care.

Specialty equipment for people with disabilities

Several options are available for those unable to use traditional help buttons. Options include a sip and puff straw, wobble switch, rocking lever and more.
Northwood can offer solutions for dealing with specific issues – such as dementia. Tisha talks about some ideas for managing dementia specifically with Aware NS.