Monitored Smoke Detector


Northwood is pleased to add yet another sensor to it’s range of solutions!

The new monitored smoke detector is easy to use and will not only sound in the home like a traditional smoke detector, but it will also alert our 24/7 monitoring center that there is a fire. Ideal for those are hard of hearing who may not be able to hear traditional smoke alarms, especially when removing hearing aids at night or for those who don’t know how to respond appropriately if an alarm should sound. It also gives extra protection when no one is home, notifying the fire department right away should a fire break out.

Just burnt toast? That’s ok, it happens to everyone! Just like our regular service, the Response Centre will always try and contact the subscriber over the base unit to see if they need help. If it’s just a false alarm, we will re-set. If we get no answer, we will dispatch the fire department.

The Monitored Smoke Detector is an add on of just $10/month.

Our smoke detector is:

If this could benefit someone you care about, please call us today to take advantage of our special introductory offer of just $5/month.

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