Meet Julie from our Response Center

The folks who answer the calls in our response center perform arguably the most important role within Northwood Intouch. These are the people who answer the calls placed by our clients during an emergency. They man the phones in our response center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Thanks to those staff members we are able to offer top notch quality service.

So lets get to know the team a little better, shall we?

Meet Julie!


Name: Julie LeBlanc

Where do you live?

Bouctouche, NB. (which is about a 35-45 minute commute to the response center in Moncton)

How did you start working at the Response Center?

I applied at the response center several months after returning home from UNB-Fredericton and fell in love with the job and the staff immediately.

How long have you worked at the Response Center?

I have been working here for 8 years

What are your hours?

Monday-Friday, 9am-5:30pm

What languages do you speak?

Fluent in both English & French

What’s the best thing about your job?

The best thing about my job is knowing you are there to help people in a time of need. Whether it be an emergency situation or a not-so-urgent call, it is very rewarding at the end of the day knowing you were there to assist.

The center also has a wonderful atmosphere and great staff which makes the job even better than it already is.

The job must be stressful, what do you do to cope with the stress?

We do get a high volume of calls on a daily basis however I am generally a very calm person so my stress level doesn’t go up too often no matter what the situation is. Plus, with a great team by my side, you will rarely see myself or the team get stressed.

What’s the strangest/funniest call you’ve received?

A client pressed her button without noticing so did not reply when asking if she was ok over the audio. I called her back at her house to make sure she was ok. She told me she was fine. She did hear my voice on the audio but thought my voice was coming from her microwave? She further explained her daughter had recently bought her a new microwave and because today’s technology is so advanced, she thought this was an added feature to her microwave asking her how she was today!

Some interesting facts about you!

I’ve been married for 5 years to my wonderful husband Joel and have a cute little mini-dachshund dog (mini-wiener dog) named Charlie who is 6 1/2 years old.

My husband and I love the outdoors. Spending time at our camper next to the river on summer weekends is one of our favorite things. Most of our time there is spent with family and friends boating, hiking/biking, bonfires, etc. We also enjoy snowmobiling during the winter months and traveling!

To learn more about Northwood Intouch call at 1-800-461-3346 or 902-492-3346 or email us at

What Clients Are Saying About Our Volunteers


Our Volunteers are the very fabric that weaves our program into communities all across Nova Scotia. Our volunteers belong to service clubs like the Rotay club or Kinsmen Club, which have been deeply ingrained in the community for decades, tirelessly giving back. These volunteers perform the installation of our service and take the time to explain how the service works. They make themselves available around the clients schedule. The fee we charge for installation gets given back to the organization who performed the install, which then keeps that money in the community.

We literally can’t say enough positive things about our wonderful group of volunteers but don’t take it from us! Here’s what your clients have to say about some of our phenomenal volunteers:


“Our volunteer Diane was very pleasant with my 94 year old mother. Spent sufficient time with her to ensure my mother really understand how to use the system. Looking forward to the peace of mind we will all have as a result of this option”

-Family Member


“Paul Green was very professional, courteous, and an excellent all around good guy. He spent enough time to explain how everything worked to me and my family members. We all appreciated him and his time explaining, installing and testing. It was a pleasure for my family and my self.”



“We were very pleased with Ronnie and how he explained everything and was very knowledgeable of the services offered by Northwood Intouch.”

-Family Member


This October our volunteers will be coming together for the annual Northwood Intouch Volunteer Conference where they will learn new skills, inspire each other with their stories and hear what a difference they are making in the lives of their very own community members.

 To learn more about Northwood Intouch call 1-800-461-3346 or 902-492-3346 or email us at

No Contract

A son poses with his 82 year old mother outdoors

With Northwood Intouch, you’ll never be bound to a contract.

Our services at Northwood Intouch are month-to-month so if at any time you want to add or subtract any services, you’re free to do so without having to break a contract. This gives you the freedom and flexibility to try out products and services without having to face a penalty if you decide it’s not a good fit for your lifestyle.

This gives the client the ability to find the sensors that help them feel safe and secure without having to sign a contract for several years. For some, contracts can act as a barrier, preventing them from accessing these services.  Other companies may offer lower monthly rates, but then require a 2-5 year commitment and breaking them can mean a penalty fee of up to $250.  Not with us!

Intouch has a wide variety of buttons and sensors to fit every need which allows us to tailor fit the products to the needs of the client.  That means our service can grow and change as the client’s needs change .

Give Northwood Intouch a call today  at (902) 492 3346 or 1-800-461-3346

Nova Scotia Government’s Personal Alert Assistance Program

Senior Couple Talking To Financial Advisor At Home

Did you know you or a loved one could be covered under the Nova Scotia Government’s Personal Alert Assistance Program? If the criteria are met, the senior could be reimbursed up to $480 per year for the purchase of a personal emergency response system, like the service Northwood Intouch offers. That means peace of mind could come at a much lower price tag than you may think.

Eligibility Checklist

The applicant must:

  • Be 65 years or older;
  • Be a Nova Scotia Resident with valid health card number;
  • Live alone;
  • Have a net annual income of $22,0003 or less;
  • Have a history of recent falls;
  • Use a cane wheelchair or walker
  • Have a requirement for home care service that will extend beyond 90 days
  • Be willing to sign an agreement with defines terms and conditions for receiving the program.

To find out if you qualify for the Personal Alert Assistance Program, call 1-800-225-7225.

For more information about the services offered by Northwood Intouch, call us today at 1-800-461-3346.

Preventing Heat Stress


Temperature Extremes Sensor

Keeping your living areas at the right temperature is critical, especially in the summer months, to help prevent heat stress. Northwood Intouch has a Temperature Extremes Sensor that was created to send an alert when an area is too hot, too cold, or changing temperatures too rapidly. Seniors are especially prone to heat stress for a few different reasons:

  • A senior’s body response to heat can be altered due to a chronic medical condition.
  • Elderly people aren’t able to adjust to sudden temperature changes like young people.
  • The chances are greater that they take prescription medication that impairs their body’s ability to regulate its temperature or inhibits perspiration, our body’s way of cooling down naturally.

The sensor can send alerts to the base unit when temperatures reaches 35˚C or higher for more than two minutes or if the temperature in the room rises by 1°C per minute over a 30-minute period or more than 3°C per minute over a five-minute period.

In the summer months, heat stroke and heat exhaustion are quite common, heat stroke being the more severe of the two.  Drinking cool water, staying in air conditioned spaces, avoiding strenuous activities, wearing light clothing, and rest can all help prevent heat-related stress.

What does Heat Stroke look like?

  • A high body temperature, above 103
  • Red, hot, and dry skin with no sweating
  • Rapid, strong pulse
  • Throbbing headache
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea


What does Heat Exhaustion look like?

  • Heavy sweating
  • Paleness
  • Muscle cramps
  • Tiredness
  • Weakness
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Fainting
  • Skin may be cool and moist
  • Pulse rate: fast and weak
  • Breathing: fast and shallow

The Intouch Difference


What makes Northwood Intouch different than other personal emergency alarm systems on the market?

We’ve built strong local ties to our community that have taken years of nurturing. Northwood has been in the community for more than 50 years with the Intouch services being available for 28 years. Although a lot has changed in that span of time, the trust we’ve built with our community has stood unwavering.

One unique piece that’s at the core of what Northwood Intouch stands for is our volunteers. We’ve partnered with service clubs like Kiwanis Clubs and Lions Clubs across the province who have been serving our communities for decades. These community members give there time to go over to the clients homes whenever it’s convenient for them and their families to perform these installations. It can be quite reassuring to have a community member they may already know come into their home and teach them how the service will work for them. The fee we charge for our installations gets funnelled right back to that service club and stays right in the community.

Northwood Intouch is also very pleased to offer local response centres. In an emergency when time is of the essence, you want your responder to know how to spell Musquodoboit or Tatamagouche. Our clients love that they are speaking to someone who is essentially in their own back yard. Local response centres also means we are able to keep more jobs here in the Maritimes.

Being non-profit also sets us apart because any profits we make are put directly back into other programs at Northwood like Reboom, Telecare, and Out& About, our adult day program. With our Non-profit designation we don’t charge our clients tax which means the price that you see is the price that you pay.

For more information about Northwood Intouch and our services call (902)492-3346.

A safer home

Solutions for every room

When living alone has its stresses and challenges, Northwood Intouch is here to offer solutions to help give caregivers peace of mind. Wireless, customizable, and affordable, our solutions are made to work for you.

First section of Intouch house infographic

Wherever the client is in their home from the bedroom to the kitchen, caregivers will be alerted if there is an emergency. Some of our solutions include a stove sensor, bed alarm, door alarm and flood detector.

Second section from Intouch house infographic.

Whether memory issues are related to dementia, Alzheimer’s or another medical condition, or just having too much on the mind, our sensors monitor the environment at all times. That means increased peace of mind for the client and their caregivers.

Third section from Intouch house infographic.

For more information call us: 1-800 461 3346 or (902) 492 3346, or email us

Download the infographic as a PDF.

Complete Intouch house infographic.

Hello Gregg!

Our people, make the difference !

The heart and soul of our Technical Department and our Volunteer Relations Coordinator is Gregg.
A native of Newfoundland,  he brings a lot of fun to our team. Along with being the only male who works full time  in an office full of women (a feat in itself), he is someone who will always go the extra mile for our customers. He comes in on evenings and weekends to support installations being done “outside regular hours” when it makes sense for our customers. He will often step in to help with marketing, helps staff trade shows and he will always lend a hand when it’s needed. Anyone who knows Gregg, knows this is normal for him. He always has a smile, even when work takes him away from his 2 beautiful children and his wonderful wife!

Nighttime Wandering – Case Study

Helping sisters get sleep and manage nighttime wandering

Sisters Mary and Sheila lived across the hallway from each other in a downtown Halifax apartment building. For Mary, a good night’s sleep was hard to come by since Sheila started wandering at night. Mary would stay up late into the night, listening for the familiar sound of Sheila’s door to open. Mary was always on hyper-alert, worried that if she went to sleep she wouldn’t hear her sister leave and that she would get confused and lost by herself.  In fact there was one case where Sheila was brought home by the police when she was found wandering about the North End not knowing where she was.

In talking with Mary and Sheila and assessing their situation, Intouch suggested Door Contacts as a system for Mary to be able to monitor and hear Sheila’s night wandering. A door contact was installed on Sheila’s apartment door, and the base unit placed in Mary’s bedroom. Now when Sheila wandered during the night Mary was guaranteed to hear the alarm and able to go and assist her sister.

In this case the benefit of the door contact was two-fold as it provided Mary the peace of mind to sleep during the night knowing that she would be woken by the Door Contact alarm, and the door contact also provided a tracking system for Sheila’s behavior. Because the unit logs each instance of activation (opening the door), Sheila’s health care provider was able to have a clear picture of Sheila’s wandering patterns and this information was vital in providing new and credible information for future diagnosis and treatment.

To find out if this might be the right solution for someone you know, please call us at 1-800-461-3346

*The names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.


Safe and secure living

Have peace of mind with Northwood Intouch’s personal emergency response service.

For many, the best way to add extra safety and security is to know help is in reach if it’s needed. Our help buttons are small wearable devices designed to help maintain independence in the home and provide support to family.

Infographic: Buttons - loop


We have three different buttons to choose from, and all are small and portable. Each one includes a variety of features, which means you don’t have to think about your button until you need assistance.

Infographic: Buttons - features

Who should use Northwood Intouch buttons?

Our three different buttons are called the Aimee, Fall Alert, and Gem. We recommend them for people who are:

  • Home alone or living alone
  • Managing a disability or chronic illness
  • At risk for falls, breathing difficulties, heart conditions, or mobility issues
  • Discharged from the hospital needing added support at home

Infographic: Buttons - suited for

The risk of having a fall increases with age.

Being aware of risks is the first step of prevention, and we know the risk of having a fall increases with age. Women over 65 are twice as likely to fall than men the same age, and one in four seniors fall in Nova Scotia each year. In fact, falls are the leading cause of injury to seniors in Nova Scotia. The good news is that we know getting help quickly can decrease the chances of complications from a fall.

Infographic: Buttons - risks

Whether you’re a caregiver or a client, we’re here to help you take charge of your life and independence, and provide peace of mind.

For more information call us: 1-800 461 3346 or (902) 492 3346, or email us

Download the infographic as a PDF.

Northwood Intouch Personal Emergency Response Service Infographic 1