Avoiding Scams Targeting Seniors

Unfortunately seniors are vulnerable to all kinds of scams. If you believe a loved one has been the target of a scam, contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

Here are just a few types of scam to watch for:

Emergency Scams: Typically a call or email like this would target a grandparent and the con-artist calls pretending to be one of their grandchild and are in need of money immediately. The call or email usually involve the scammer saying they are in need of money for bail, are in a foreign country and having trouble returning home, or have been in an accident. Usually the con-artist will ask their victim not to tell anyone that they called and asked for help from them.

Telephone Scams: Calls like this typically look like a government official is calling to collect fines, bill collectors claiming the person owes money or a variety of other tactics. This method the scam-artist will ask for payment information over the phone.

Prize Scams: This is when the consumer is told they have been selected as the winner of a prize like a large cash sum, a trip or even a car. The scam artist will usually ask to have money sent to cover “taxes” or “fees”.

False Charities: Telemarketers call using copycat names that might be deceiving or misleading. They pressure the person into donating immediately over the phone using a credit card.

It’s important to be weary of scams. We are all potential victims in the eyes of a scam-artist. It’s important to educate loved ones and those who are vulnerable targets for these scams.